W+W = Women Supporting Women

At Caribbean Inspired Treasures, we are grateful for your support.  Our mission is to deliver Caribbean inspiration to your doorstep.  As a woman owned small business we also have a call to action to curate your treasures from other  women owned small business. 

Treasures purchased from - links available by clicking logo or website under each testimony:

"At the Frosted Pantry, business to business relationships are important for a lot of reasons but the top one for me is that I am not alone! I feel supported and like there is a team of people cheering me on, especially when some people think you are crazy for doing your own business." ~ Chelsi, The Frosted Pantry


"Essential Journeys started in 1999 and our focus has been to build community among business owners. We are a small woman owned independent business and love to work closely with other independent businesses. We look forward to working with you more". ~ Kimberly, Essential Journeys


 In Velithiri Creations' opinion, "business to business relationships are very important to the growth and success of any business. The friendships that you're able to make with people all around the world is not only helpful, but also gives a sense of fulfillment because you know your product is making people happy!"
~ Sarah, Velithiri Creations



Studio Expressive says "Why? Because fun, quality, beach items are reminiscent of a vacay state of mind! And a HUGE factor is that all items are curated by women-owned small businesses! That's a WIN-WIN for me"! ~ Melissa, Studio Expressive 


At Sanjerscents, "the key of building any business-to-business relationship involves the trust, patience, and personal interaction that comes from developing and maintaining genuine rapport with one another. These reciprocal social dynamics are what enrich business livelihoods. We are very excited to join your growing network of artisans so we can provide a memorable experience for the customer 😊"
- Sandi, Sanjerscents

Plates with Gen believes, "relationship building from a business standpoint can help you get new customers, retain current customers and manage your reputation. This is important to me because relationships are built on trust. Trust your product will make customers happy, and keep them happy." ~ Gen, Plates with Gen



One of Wash Ashore Soaps favorite aspects of is our partnerships with other small businesses. We love to collaborate, support, refer and all-around lift each other up. Cape Cod has a large “community over competition” movement, of which we are thankful to be a part.~ Krista